Here you get some general information about who I am, what I do and what I have done.

My studies at the University of Stockholm include philosophy. literature and the history of religion. My doctoral thesis 1963 was about the French author Colette and her view on the sexes and the relations between them.

Work and occupations
I have worked as reporter, as editor of culture for a leading Swedish magazine, as columnist at Sweden’s biggest morning paper for 16 years, and as appointed play-wright at the Swedish Television for two years.

Twelve TV-scripts were performed – comedy, entertainment, drama, two radio-dramas and five comedies for the stage. I have also been a contributor of satire to cabarets and shows.

I have written around thirty essays, satires and allegorical stories on subjects such as the crisis of our civilization, Homo Sapiens and other animals, the roots of war, the God in the Old testament, the meaning of Meaning, and much more.

I became generally known in Sweden in 1961 with my article ”The Conditional Release of Women” which caused an enormous debate and was considered the start of the new feminism in Sweden, four years before it started in USA.

I have published eight collections of articles. The latest one, ”Prima materia” (2003) is a collection of what I regard as the best and still relevant from four decades of writing.

My article ”Now it’s the men’s turn”, (about the necessity of men’s emancipation from the male norms) was published simultaneously in the five Nordic countries and the Boston Globe, US in 1994.

Both my radioplays exist in German: ”Die Befreiung” (about research on animals) and ”Abschiedsmittag” (about the right to end one’s own life). In German is also the stage comedy ”Schwindlende Schönheit” which concerns the obsession with beauty and age, and our willingness to be fooled. This comedy is also translated into English, ”Forever young”, and was performed in Nairobi in 2006.

Under translation to English is my latest play, ”Something else has existed”, about a 9000 year-old culture being digged up in Anatolia right now. The question of how to interpret the remnants of this highly mysterious culture is of great relevance to the issue of mankind´s possibilities in the future.

Lectures etc.
I have travelled extensively for many years, in Sweden and abroad, giving lectures, seminars and speeches on subjects like civil courage, nuclear power and weapons, the roots of war, the prehistory of women, the urgent need for a UN conference on the male norms and the male society.

Of all prices I have been lucky enough to receive, I appreciate the most the Hiroshima Prize, an international award for work against the war madness and the nuclear insanity.

I have been a resident of Stockholm all my life except for one year in USA. I was born as one of five children to my parents Margareta and Vilhelm Moberg. My father, who after his death was appointed Writer of the Century and Journalist of the Century, is best known for his epic novel about the Swedish emigrant to the US.
I was married 1964 – 1975 to the writer and TV-producer Hans Hederberg. We have one daughter and three grandchildren. Since 1981 I am living with the playwright and scientific journalist Gottfried Grafström.

A few press-cuttings
”Prima materia” (selected essays and stories)
”Eva Moberg is the salt of the Earth — Should be read over and over again” – Svenska Dagbladet

”I suggest that those who don’t have the Bible on their bedtables can have Eva Moberg’s collected thoughts PRIMA MATERIA.” – Gefle Dagblad

”Felt like a revelation. Suddenly an unexpected flow of springwater rushed in over the dry soil of TV-entertainment.” – SE

”You begin to suspect that at last Sweden has got a new comedy-writer.” – Göteborgs-Posten

TV-drama (Konfrontation)

”A masterpiece, nothing less.” – Arbetaren

”One of the most important playwrights of the TV-age”. – Expressen

Stage comedy (Forever young)

”Laughing therapy” – Svenska Dagbladet

”A subtle comedy, carefully drafted — a constant stage flow”. – The Nation, Nairobi

For information about lectures etc. call +46 8 84 99 89
For information about plays etc. e-mail to:
Colombine Teaterförlag – berit.gullberg@colombine.se 

Dramatiker, journalist, essäist, kolumnist